Local Small Business Blurbs and Other Community News You Can Use!

Welcome to the Make Ours Local blog!

Make Ours Local is a play on the words we use when we are getting specific with our order – you know,
we want what we want how we want it, so “Make mine a double!” or “Make mine extra crispy!” or
“Make mine spicy!”

Substituting “mine” for the more inclusive and communal “ours,” Make Ours Local will put the spotlight
on local businesses and other community happenings to encourage us to support each other’s
entrepreneurial and creative endeavors.

Why is this important? Because, sure, you have the option of ordering that thing on the web and having
it shipped to you in two days from somewhere far, far away. But, hopefully, after reading about the
amazing, interesting and dynamic offerings practically in our own backyards (no kidding!), you will
reconsider and decide to “Make Ours Local!”


Dorothy Givens Terry

About Me
After earning a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Howard University, a Master’s in Public Relations from Georgetown University, and working for a hundred years (seems like!) for newspapers, magazines, government agencies and corporations, I am looking forward to working for myself! Check out my strategic communications planning services at Write Market Communications.