November Round Up

Get your products or services featured in my December Buy Black Blog! Calling on businesses and services to secure a spot in the listing. You get a brief blurb featuring a photo or logo representing your product or service and a link to your website or contact information. Please reach out soon. I hope to have the blog post up by November 29, so we can make it a true Black

Why I Decided to “Join the Movement”

I started this blog out of frustration with not seeing enough of our good news in the mainstream media. And if you’re like me, you, too, are also frustrated by what is presented in the news – stories of racial animosity, systems and institutions not working the way they should, and billionaires getting away with – well, everything! Sometimes, voting doesn’t seem like enough. But, let’s not forget, we do have other options, as well. We can always vote with our wallets – which is why I decided to become…